In simple language Marketing is basically getting the word out about your business.  Moving the recognition factor from no clue to can’t live without you!  There are hundreds of ways to do this especially in this electronic age when you can reach people when they are in the middle of the ocean.  Obviously, making people aware of you is one thing and wanting to buy your product / service is another.  Today though, sales and marketing are much closer.  The internet has brought down the ivory tower marketing machine and elevated the sales force so that these two previously separate functions are often meshed into a single message.  This is good news for a small business who is often  competing head to head with huge conglomerates when a single user makes a buying decision from their home or office.  You can and should make your product appealing and easy to buy.  You can have a marketing system in place that rivals Microsoft even if you have a limited budget. 

Lets walk through some of the things you can do even if you are a solopreneur to level the playing field and get that client to opt for your product/service. 

  • Have a savvy Website.  Understand your business and your customer… how and why they buy what you are selling.  Make it easy to buy from you.  You don’t need bells and whistles, fabulous graphics or tons of pictures… what you do need is honest & worthwhile info that uploads quickly and has tags that are optimized for search engines.
  • Give them information that they can use.  Your site should lead your prospect with a constant forward motion to their buying decision.
  • Stay in touch with clients and prospects.  Even if you are the BEST in the business, you need to cultivate the relationship and communicate with your customers.  It is 1000% easier to make a sale with someone who has bought from you before than finding and converting a prospect.  Use electronic newsletters, birthday cards, articles about subjects that you know they are interested in.  FOLLOW UP!  Lots of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools are available to help you do this effectively!
  • Be the EXPERT! Write articles, speak to clubs and at user groups and meetings.  Establish yourself as the GO TO person in your field.  People love buying from the best and when you have established TRUST, you will get referrals as well.
  • Network and form relationships with people who can refer business to one another.  Example: Health club, massage therapist, chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Health food store, MLM Vitamins etc.  You get the picture!   
  • Be Passionate and involved.  If you have a charity or some other activity that you are working for, people will see you in another light.  The more multi-faceted you are the better. 
  • Remember the 80/20 rule applies to everything.  80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients.  Make sure you are spending your time accordingly.  Cultivate and prioritize so that you are putting the emphasis where it belongs!  Do High RETURN functions with your High RETURN clients. 
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