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The Marketer's Manifesto
I get inspired from so many sources...  You can find yours from among this list or make your own.  What is important is that you do it.  Each of us needs to be inspired at least once a day!  Some days I need it once an hour! 
One of my younger brothers, Mark Struckhoff, is a Methodist Minister.  Visit his blog at  He is a wonderful source of inspiration for me.  :-)

Jim Rohn has been a source of inspiration for 40 years.  You can subscribe to his weekly e-zine

Kim Duke is a Sassy Sales Diva out of Canada.  I want ALL of my fabulous women in biz friends to get a treat for signing up at

Simple Truths by Mac Anderson.  Daily uplifting stories from his wealth of books that will make you smile, laugh or cry!Mac has authored or co-authored twelve books, which have sold more than 3 million copies. They include: 212°...The Extra Degree, Change is Good...You Go First, You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School, The Power of Attitude, The Essence of Leadership, The Nature of Success, The Dash, Charging the Human Battery, Finding Joy, Customer Love, Motivational Quotes and Learning to Dance in the Rain.  

For more information about Mac, visit


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